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Executive Updates

Executive Updates
from Dr. Byington

System Policy 21.06 Passed Unanimously by Board of Regents


I am pleased to share that The Texas A&M University System Board of Regents have unanimously passed System policy 21.06, Clinical Healthcare Operations.

System policy 21.06, Clinical Healthcare Operations, provides a regulatory and compliance framework that applies to the implementation of a Health Science Center interprofessional faculty practice plan. The purpose of the faculty practice plan is to govern the management of the clinical practice of faculty members in the schools and colleges of the Health Science Center to promote excellence in teaching, research and patient care, and to ensure compliance with applicable legal requirements.

This is a commitment by the System to the excellence brought forth by interprofessional activity, and recognizes and respects that all health care providers are vital to transformative health care. Establishing a faculty practice plan is a distinguishing strategy for the Health Science Center that addresses the direction of American medicine and health care towards team-based, value-based care, and will position the Health Science Center as an academic leader in modern health care education, delivery and research.

I want to thank the Interprofessional Faculty Practice Plan Task Force, made up of representatives selected by the deans of all five Health Science Center colleges in May 2018, for helping us reach this point. Through their dedication, feedback and support, we were able to establish the proposed faculty practice plan governing articles and structure. They completed their task March 1, 2019.

With System policy 21.06 passed, we move to the next phase of the process which is review of the governing articles by the President and Chancellor or designees. I submitted the proposed governing articles to the Provost, President and Chancellor for their review today. I await the outcome of their review.

I look forward to continued conversations with the faculty and engagement of all colleges as we work to build the detailed policies of the practice plan so vital for the future of the Health Science Center, Texas A&M University, the System, and for 21 st century health care.

Carrie L. Byington ’85, MD