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Executive Updates

Executive Updates
from Dr. Byington

March 2019: Protecting Intellectual Property Research Assets

Dear HSC Faculty and Staff—

External threats are focusing increasingly on academia, public companies, and government agencies using sophisticated cyber-attacks targeted toward the theft of data and intellectual property (IP). News coverage has highlighted government and industry actions to protect against and respond to these threats, including stories in the Star Telegram, Wall Street Journal, Fortune and the NBC News. These stories reinforce the importance of enhanced approaches to cybersecurity and increasing efforts aimed at protecting our valuable research assets. 

Texas A&M University has the obligation to protect its trusted faculty, staff, students and other stakeholders from external threats that attempt to coerce and compromise our positions and access to research programs for malicious purposes such as theft of our IP.

Given these ever-increasing risks and our collective obligation to protect our trusted faculty, staff, and students, we will be taking proactive steps to enhance our current Data Loss Prevention (DLP) capabilities. Texas A&M University’s Division of Information Technology (IT) will leverage existing compliance and security tools to monitor for threats to our IP and research data, including external threats that may be targeting our trusted faculty, staff, and students through phishing scams, social engineering campaigns and other techniques to illicitly gain access to research programs and proprietary information.

A list of frequently asked questions is attached, and you can submit additional questions to

Thank you for joining me in safeguarding our IP and ensuring the integrity of our research programs.

Carrie L. Byington, MD