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Patient Care Stories

The clinical setting is the most immediate avenue for us to fulfill our purpose of providing transformative care to Texans. While we utilize a structure that includes clinical affiliates for education in many of our colleges, we also are proud to offer our own clinical sites for excellent patient care.

Expanding dental care in Dallas

A 157,756 square-foot, nine story building will serve as a patient-centered clinical facility for Texas A&M dentistry students, featuring nearly 300 dental chair stations with the most advanced technology, specialized clinics, clinical support areas, classrooms and study spaces.

In addition to these new clinical facilities, much-needed dental-school specific patient parking will be available in a garage located on the first three levels of the new structure.

Artist's rendering of the new dentistry clinical building

Texas based, Texas focused mental health

Texas A&M Telebehavioral Care brings the behavioral health expertise of Texas A&M College of Medicine to patients when and where they need it.

Behavioral health care is the essential piece of the puzzle to fill the gap in better patient health outcomes. Appointments are conducted using secure videoconference technology to deliver mental health care services almost anywhere in Texas. Patients can meet with their provider on the phone, on mobile devices, in resource hubs provided in their areas or in their own health providers’ clinical space.

Service with a smile

Students at the Texas A&M College of Dentistry thrive on clinical experience with real patients and the Agape Clinic nearby-about five blocks from the college-was in need of dental care providers.

It was a perfect match, but far more than just practicing their dental techniques, the students are learning about the importance of seeing that all of their patients' health care needs are met because Agape provides full medical care as well.

Dental hygienist examining a child patient

A mission of care in Aggieland

Texas A&M College of Medicine was created to serve the people of central Texas, particularly medically underserved populations. As an extension of Texas A&M, the Texas A&M Physicians Family Medicine Clinic (TAMP) is delivering on that promise in Aggieland.

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