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Care Models

Why Telehealth?

Texas has a critical shortage of mental health services, which makes it difficult for patients to find cost-effective help. Similarly, many patients struggle to overcome the long distances between themselves and their health care providers. Texas A&M Telebehavioral Care solves both these issues by bringing a variety of licensed mental health care providers to the patients, regardless their location.

Our Service Model

Our contemporary service model allows clinical partners the ability to coordinate and schedule individual, couples and entire group therapy sessions.

Appointments are conducted using secure, video conference technology to deliver mental health care services from a distance.

Patients can meet with a Texas A&M behavioral specialist by smartphone, mobile device, or computer provided securely in your office, clinic or patients’ home.


Behavioral Health Services

Individual Counseling for Adults

Individual Counseling for Adults is our most frequently used service. Adult clients are matched with one of our counselors for weekly appointments. Counseling sessions are usually 45 minutes in duration. TCC counselors help clients cope with depression, anxiety, relationship problems, grief, traumatic events, suicidal thoughts, and other mental health concerns.

Individual Counseling for Adolescents

Individual Counseling for Adolescents (ages 13 and up) is also available for families struggling with emotional, behavioral, and adjustment-related concerns. Counselors treating younger clients will usually include parents/caregivers in the treatment process to achieve the best outcomes for every family.

Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling is available for married or unmarried partners who want to address relationship issues including communication, conflict resolution, grief, family planning, or other concerns.

Mindfulness Groups

Mindfulness Groups meet weekly and are designed to help clients learn relaxation and mindfulness skills for stress management.


Service Time Blocks

When behavioral health needs are addressed, outcomes improve. Patients become more engaged in their work, their families, relationships, and their health care goals. Texas A&M Telebehavioral Care can help your patients achieve greater levels of success in their health journey by providing evidence-based therapy treatments.

With a commitment to seamless care coordination with your clinical team, we provide a team of PhD and MD specialists in full spectrum behavioral healthcare.

Our team based care time is available in 4-hour increments or ‘blocks’. Our Telebehavioral providers are integrated as part of your treatment team, supporting and enhancing the services provided at your site. Texas has the highest number of designated Mental Health Professional Shortage Areas in the nation and it can be difficult to recruit providers or you may not need a full-time position in behavioral health. Texas A&M Telebehavioral Care can make access to high-quality behavioral health providers a reality in your organization. 


Service Time Block FAQs

How are time blocks reserved and scheduled?

Blocks are purchased weekly for at least one calendar year. We work with each customer individually to reserve and schedule time blocks. To get started, fill out our service request form.


What are the technical requirements?

We utilize the Mend Telehealth Platform to connect our providers with your patients. Mend works on a variety of mobile and desktop platforms. Patients can even connect using their own mobile device. For a dedicated station, a computer with a monitor, web camera and a reliable internet connection are needed. We can assist in equipment selection and procurement.


How does billing work?

You purchase the service time blocks for one year then invoice your patients and insurers for all services rendered inside that block.

Telehealth Counseling Effectiveness and Outcomes

“To date, no studies have identified a patient subgroup that does not benefit from, or is harmed by mental healthcare provided through remote videoconferencing.  Recent large RCTs demonstrate effectiveness of telemental health with many smaller trials also supporting this conclusion.”

– American Telemedicine Association (Guidelines for Video-Based Online Mental Health Services).


Client Satisfaction and results at Texas A&M Telebehavioral Care (TBC)

  • 75% of all patients experience significant declines in depressive symptoms by the fourth session
  • 77% clients would have gone without services if the TBC services were not available to them
  • 90% of clients believe the care they received at the TBC was just as good as the care they would have received with in-person counseling
  • 98% of clients who would recommend TBC services to others
  • 93% of clients who believed the TBC helped them deal with their problems
  • 84% of clients who report TBC services were more convenient than traveling to the closest in-person mental health care provide
  • 96% of clients who rate the quality of TBC services as excellent

Telehealth psychological services have been demonstrated to be very effective. Our experience in telebehavioral health service delivery, policy relevant research and interdisciplinary training has demonstrated the efficacy of telehealth counseling and contributed to the body of peer-reviewed research.




About Texas A&M Telebehavioral Care

The three most common challenges patients in Texas face when finding mental health care are…

  1. Navigating the critical, statewide shortage of mental health services to find mental health care that fits their needs
  2. Traveling large distances to find a licensed mental health care provider
  3. Securing cost-effective mental health care

Texas A&M Telebehavioral Care solves these issues by bringing a variety of licensed mental health care providers to the patients; bringing the behavioral health expertise of Texas A&M College of Medicine to patients when and where they need it. 

Appointments are conducted using secure video conference technology to deliver mental health care services from a distance. Patients can meet with their provider on the phone, on mobile devices, in resource hubs provided in their areas or in their own health providers’ clinical space. 

Telebehavioral Care offers several types of counseling and continues to develop new services to meet patients’ needs. Current services include individual counseling for adolescents and adults, couples counseling and group therapy.

Conditions Treated

  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar
  • Depression
  • Eating disorders
  • Grief
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Relationship/interpersonal concerns
  • Schizoaffective
  • Schizophrenia
  • Stress
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Trauma

Academic-Community Partnerships

(Currently at Capacity)

In the Brazos Valley, academic-community partnerships combine university expertise and local community capacity to provide quality mental health services to residents and valuable training opportunities for students. Telebehavioral Care provides free telehealth counseling to qualified individuals in the Brazos Valley. Doctoral students in psychology, under supervision of licensed psychologists, counsel those who would otherwise not receive such services. At the same time, public health experts and graduate students from the Texas A&M School of Public Health and other disciplines work together to address disparities in accessibility, acceptability, affordability, and availability of behavioral health care.

If you live in the Brazos Valley and are interested in learning more about our services please call 979-436-0700.


Texas A&M Telebehavioral Care provides free counseling services across the Brazos Valley:

Brazos County *

Health For All
3030 E. 29th St., Suite 111
Bryan, TX 77802

Texas A&M Health Family Care Bryan
2900 E. 29th St., Suite 100
Bryan, TX 77802

Psychiatry and Behavioral Health
8441 Riverside Parkway
Clinical Building 1, Suite 1400
Bryan, TX 77807

Burleson County *

1108 Woodson
Caldwell, TX 77836

715 Avenue H
Somerville, TX 77879

Falls County

Falls Community Hospital and Clinic
307 Live Oak Street
Marlin, TX 76661

Grimes County *

Grimes County Health Resource Center
(inside St. Joseph's Hospital)
210 S. Judson St.
Navasota, TX 77868

Leon County *

Leon County Health Resource Center
607 West Lassater
Centerville, TX 75833

Madison County *

Madison County Health Resource Center
(inside St. Joseph Professional Building)
813 S. State St., Suite 100
Madisonville, TX 77864

Robertson County *

Falls Community Hospital and Clinic
201 S. Main Street
Bremond, TX 76629

Hearne CHI St. Joseph
1643 N. Market St.
Hearne, TX 77859

St. Joseph's HealthPoint Franklin
808 W. Highway 79
Franklin, TX 77856

Washington County *

Brenham Community Health Clinic
100 S. Chappell Hill St.
Brenham, TX 77833

Brenham Jail

* County is eligible for telebehavioral care services in the schools. Locations to be announced. Learn more about Telebehavioral Care in Brazos Valley schools.