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Telebehavioral Care Service Blocks

Texas Based, Texas Focused Mental Health.

Texas A&M Telebehavioral Care (TBC) is a next-generation psychological telehealth service, research and training clinic operated by the Department of Psychiatry and the Department of Educational Psychology at Texas A&M University.

How It Works

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Reserve provider time in 4-hour service blocks

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Schedule your patients with our providers

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Patients and providers meet virtually

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Our providers work directly in your EMR

Effective, secure virtual sessions

Evidence-based and clinically proven mental health care services from a distance.

Appointments are conducted using secure, HIPAA compliant video conference technology. Patients can meet with their provider at your location or on a mobile device. Providers are integrated as part of your treatment team, supporting and enhancing the services provided at your site.

Patient meeting with her telehealth counselor

Your team + our providers

Complete your team by adding Texas A&M’s behavioral health providers.

Our providers will bring expertise in areas such as anxiety, depression, bipolar, schizo-spectrum disorders, stress and trauma, and relationship/interpersonal concerns.

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Meet your patient’s needs

When behavioral health needs are addressed, overall health outcomes improve.

Texas A&M Telebehavioral Care can help your patients achieve greater levels of success in their health journey by providing evidence-based therapy treatments.

Learn about our outcomes

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