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Facial Trauma and Reconstruction

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Our multidisciplinary team allows us to provide the best possible care for our reconstructive patients. The surgical team includes board certified physicians with training in oral maxillofacial surgery, microvascular surgery, cosmetic surgery, maxillofacial prosthodontics, anaplastology, and general dentistry. 

Maxillofacial prosthodontics specialists are available for facial and oral prosthetic rehabilitation, including replacement of missing teeth using dental implants. Our anaplastologist can create any structure within the face including prosthetic noses, ears, and eyes. Further information regarding maxillofacial prosthetics and anaplastology can be found on the Center for Maxillofacial Prosthodontics page.

Microvascular Reconstruction

Microvascular surgery is a technically demanding procedure during which tissue grafts harvested (taken) from the arms, legs, abdomen, or back are transferred to the mouth, throat, or face to replace missing tissues.

Candidates for this type of surgery include patients who require surgery for oral/head and neck cancer, or suffer from the effects of radiation therapy given to treat head and neck cancer, as well as patients with severe traumatic injuries of the face or neck. Areas commonly reconstructed include the jaws and mouth, the throat, and all areas of the face, scalp, and neck.

A successful outcome in this type of reconstructive surgery depends upon meticulous suturing of one to three millimeter blood vessels using a microscope and sutures that are finer than human hair to reestablish blood flow to the tissue graft. For patients undergoing surgery to remove a cancer, use of this technique allows for immediate reconstruction of the bone or soft tissue defect and generally ensures that the patient undergoes only one surgical procedure.

Nasal Reconstruction

Our oral and maxillofacial surgeons are experienced in reconstructing nasal injuries or deformities and functional breathing problems arising as a result of a broken nose, previous nasal surgery, treatment of nasal skin cancer, and congenital problems, including the nasal deformity commonly associated with cleft lips.

Patients who have suffered a recent broken nose are advised to be evaluated between 5 to 10 days after the injury has occurred, as they may be candidates to undergo reduction of a displaced nasal bone fracture in the office setting, potentially avoiding the need for surgery. Patients with longstanding nasal fractures resulting in a nasal deformity or nasal breathing difficulty may be considered for reconstruction of their problem by means of septorhinoplasty. Our surgeons can also perform revision surgery for patients with unsatisfactory results after previous nasal surgery.

Facial Bone Reconstruction

Surgical team members are highly skilled and experienced in treating patients who have suffered fractures involving the jaw bones, the cheek bones, the orbital bones, and the skull. Surgery can often be accomplished using incisions which are well hidden by placement inside the mouth, in hair bearing scalp skin, and on the inside of the eyelids, often avoiding visible facial scars. Patients with recent fractures or problems that persist after remote facial fractures are often considered to be candidates for reconstruction.

Mohs Reconstruction

Mohs reconstruction of the head and neck is a procedure that may be performed by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon after Mohs surgery is performed to remove skin cancer. A Mohs procedure offers the best cure rates. Sometimes these defects after removal of skin cancer are large and require sedation or general anesthesia for reconstruction. We have extensive experience surgically closing these large defects while the patient is under comfortable anesthesia.

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