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Mobile Clinics

Texas A&M Health Is Going Places

We are taking our world-class health care to our patients, when and where they need us. Our fleet of mobile clinics goes across the state to help close gaps in access to primary, preventive and forensic health care in rural and underserved areas.

Diabetes Education and Care

Healthy South Texas units are going to small communities and colonias throughout the state’s 27 southernmost counties to provide preventive care, treatment and health education for diabetes.

Primary Care

The School of Nursing provides nurse-led primary care in rural areas while training future nurses and nurse practitioners who are going to serve Texans well.

Forensic Health Care and Education

The Center of Excellence in Forensic Nursing cares for victims of sexual assault and trains local nurses to do the same, increasing Texans’ access to certified Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners.

Mobile Care

An interdisciplinary team provides vaccines and preventive care where needed, and steps in when communities experience a surge in patients to support the local health care workforce.

We're On Our Way

Access to health care in our state is an overwhelming problem, but we’re on our way to making it better.

Even though almost 3 million people live in rural Texas, there isn’t a single hospital in 28 percent of the state’s counties.

A vast majority of Texas counties have 15 physicians or fewer—even zero—per 10,000 people.

Non-metropolitan areas have a greater prevalence of diabetes than metropolitan areas of Texas.