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Direct To Texas

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Talk to Your Counselor Wherever You Are

When you need to talk, we’re here. Direct to Texas brings our skilled mental health professionals to you, wherever you are, through secure online therapy.

Exceptional therapy, easy to access.

We believe everyone should have access to exceptional therapy. As a world-class university, we bring some of the best mental health professionals directly to you. Online therapy removes the obstacles of distance, time, lack of transportation and lack of mental health providers in your area so you can get the care you deserve.

Healthy mind, healthy body.

You deserve to be happy. Because when you have a healthy mind, everything else seems to fall into place. Research shows that good mental health is correlated with better health outcomes, and it also shows that online therapy is just as effective as in-person care.

We can help you achieve your health goals by addressing mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, grief, relationship problems, suicidal thoughts, trauma and many other mental health concerns.

Here for your whole family.

Feel the benefits of a mentally healthy home. Get online therapy for yourself (individual counseling), you and your partner (couples counseling) and for your child.

Here’s how it works

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Create an account on


and select an appointment time.

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Enter payment informationYou will not be charged until after your visit.

Step 3

Receive confirmation email and text message from Mend.

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Receive confirmation email and text message from Mend.

Frequently Asked Questions

Direct to Texas services are available to new and existing patients of Texas A&M Health.
Texas A&M Telebehavioral Care has over a decade of expertise providing therapy from a distance. We are leading the way in creating quality, accessible mental health care for Texans by Texans.
Tier 1 visits with a licensed mental health professional are $99 per visit. Tier 2 visits with a mental health clinician under supervision of a licensed professional are $69 per visit.
We believe strongly in training the next generation of the best telepractitioners, and everyone has to start somewhere. Some of our providers (Tier 2) are still under the supervision of our best licensed clinicians. High quality service is paramount at every level. At Tier 2 you have two committed clinicians working on providing you the best care.
Not at this time.
Initial sessions last approximately 60 minutes. Follow-up therapy sessions last approximately 45 minutes.
You need a smart device (such as a phone, tablet or computer) that has the ability to connect to internet, a microphone and a camera.
Click the link in the email or text message sent by Mend and enter your session code or birthday.
You must be in Texas at the time of the appointment. During your session, you should be in a place where you can safely engage with your therapist and keep your health information private.
Our telehealth platform, Mend, has built in technical support to help you troubleshoot connectivity issues or problems with your audio or video.
Tier 2 sessions may be recorded and are supervised by a licensed clinician to ensure you are receiving the highest quality care from our providers working towards independent licensure.