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Family Care Bryan

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Family Care Bryan

About the Clinic

Texas A&M Health Family Care brings the expertise of Texas A&M College of Medicine primary care to the heart of your family’s health needs. From colds and fractures to preventive primary care that keeps you healthy and living your best possible life, Texas A&M Health Family Care puts your care first.

We offer comprehensive care for patients of all ages. Appointments can be made in advance for physicals, vaccinations or well-child visits, or to treat chronic health issues like asthma, heart disease and diabetes. We also accept same day appointments for acute illness needs.

Texas A&M Health Family Care accepts most insurance and referrals. We have Spanish speaking staff ready to assist your family with their needs. Additionally, we have 24-hour on-call doctors and we can refer you to specialists, physicial therapists and occupational therapists. We also offer in-house behavioral support to help you meet your wellness goals.

Here, our Aggie family takes care of your family.


Family Care Bryan
2900 East 29th St.
Bryan, TX 77802

Fax: 877.601.5854


Monday — Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Services & Conditions We Treat

Behavioral Health Services

Our comprehensive behavioral and mental health services include diagnostic evaluation and assessment, group and individual psychotherapy, and medication management.

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Dermatologic Surgery

Moles, warts and cysts can be removed by surgery or cryosurgery (freezing with liquid nitrogen).

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Endoscopy refers to the use of an endoscope, an instrument used to examine the interior of a hollow organ or cavity of the body.

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Family Care

Your family physician can treat most health conditions and provide comprehensive care for all ages - from newborns to older adults.

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Fracture Care

Instead of operating on a broken or fractured bone, splints and casts are used to support and protect injured bones, ligaments, tendons and other tissues.

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Geriatric Care

Geriatric care addresses the complex needs of older adults by focusing on health promotion and the prevention and treatment of disease and disability.

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Ultrasound and x-ray imaging help diagnose issues occurring inside the body, including vascular, obstetrical and orthopedic conditions.

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Immunizations train your immune system to ward off infectious diseases. Stay up to date on your immunizations to prevent vaccine-preventable diseases from flu to polio.

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Lab Services

Our on-site lab offers faster, more convenient and comprehensive testing services.

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Osteopathic Therapy

An osteopathic manipulative treatment adjusts a patient's body through manipulation of the skeleton and muscles to alleviate pain and promote wellness.

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Physical Exam

Whether for a pre-employment screening, a back-to-school physical exam or a diagnostic stress test, you can get it done here.

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Pregnancy Care and Delivery

Through regular prenatal check-ups, your care provider will monitor the growth of your baby, check for any abnormalities and monitor your health.

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Pulmonary Function Test

This test is used to determine lung condition and screen for lung diseases by measuring how much air and how quickly air can be moved in and out of the lungs.

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Steroid Injections

Steroids (short for corticosteroids) decrease inflammation and are used to treat a variety of inflammatory diseases and conditions.

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Vasectomy is an outpatient surgical procedure for permanent male contraception. It can be done in-house at the clinic and usually takes about an hour.

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Women's Health

Regular gynecological exams, PAP smears, breast exams and prenatal care are all part of the OB-GYN services we offer.

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