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What is an Ultrasound?

Sound waves are focused on an area of the body. As they bounce back to a handheld receiver, they produce images of what is inside your body. An ultrasound is painless and, depending on the type of exam, may take 15-45 minutes.

  • Vascular: How are your blood vessels working? An ultrasound can identify if there are any blockages or impairments that impede the flow of blood throughout the body.
  • Obstetrical: How well is your baby developing in the womb? Regular obstetrical ultrasounds alert the doctors to any possible issues and make sure that your baby is growing normally.
  • Orthopedic: Are your bones, ligaments and muscles interacting correctly? If you experience pain during movement, an orthopedic ultrasound may help diagnose the problem.

What is an X-Ray?

Digital computerized radiography, or an x-ray, allows the staff to examine and evaluate bones and organs to determine the best treatment. An x-ray is painless and takes only a few seconds. The images from an x-ray help to diagnose broken bones, arthritis, pneumonia and more.

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