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Administrative Departments

Compliance & Risk Management

Compliance & Risk Management provides the infrastructure and resources necessary to ensure all Health Science Center campuses meet or exceed the highest possible standards regarding all state and federal laws, guidelines and procedures.

Diversity & Inclusion

The Health Science Center is an environment comprised of faculty, staff, students and patients who represent a vast array of cultural backgrounds, preferences, and beliefs. We are committed to diversity and inclusiveness, and are committed to maintaining a welcoming and supportive climate that cultivates a lifelong sense of belonging.

Executive Office

The executive office provides support for the Health Science Center's senior management team, objectives and priorities. This office assists with executive support and coordination for strategic programs. With a wide range of administrative functions, the executive office ensures a coordinated approach to the business of the Center's operations.

Finance & Administration

Finance & Administration is responsible for financial planning, budgets, HSC reporting, and other financial oversight areas highlighting direct involvement with HSC Administration. Other areas previously served by the Finance Division are now overseen by Texas A&M University, and where this is the case, those areas are directed to the appropriate Texas A&M office.

Governmental Relations

Governmental Relations facilitates the Texas A&M Health Science Center's participation in the public policy-making process at the State and Federal levels, using strong linkages with The Texas A&M University System Office of Governmental Relations.

Operations & Facilities

Operations & Facilities maintains policies and procedures used to deliver economical and safe environments in which to operate. Primary objectives are to provide uninterrupted facilities services to all Health Science Center campuses and to be responsible stewards of State resources.

Human Resources

Health Science Center employees utilize human resource services of Texas A&M University. Central administration human resource staff are available to Health Science Center employees and liaisons to properly identify the necessary information and resources needed.

Interprofessional Education

IPE is dedicated to creating and sustaining a culture of collaboration among the health care professions. Partnering with the Health Science Center Colleges of Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, and Pharmacy, and the School of Public Health, the primary function of this division is to support interprofessional education (IPE) across all components so that all Health Science Center students consistently receive high-quality interprofessional training that enables collaborative practice and better health outcomes.

Marketing & Communications

Marketing and Communications coordinates the development of integrated marketing and communication strategies designed to bolster the reputation of the Health Science Center among peers and key external audiences by providing a wide range of marketing, communication and design expertise and services, while providing expert health-related information to the general public.