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Texas A&M Health VISION360


Texas A&M Health VISION360 is a comprehensive planning campaign to reimagine what a health science center must be in order to serve as a recognized leader in the changing world of health care. It’s about learning and incorporating different points of view to proactively change the face of health care training, research and delivery to create a healthier world.

Better health care in the future will require innovative solutions to tough health care challenges, creating access for underserved populations, becoming a leader in precision medicine and training adaptive thinkers who thrive while operating as part of a health care team. VISION360 is about converging our expertise, becoming nimble and embracing a rapidly evolving health care landscape as well as our land-grant mission.


Embracing the Future of Health

VISION360 is about our whole institution coming together as one to realize the future of Texas A&M Health. It’s about collectively establishing a long-term vision that embraces and realizes the future of health care, and being a driver in that arena.


The VISION360 planning process is designed to bring clarity of purpose and aspiration in a rapidly evolving health care landscape while embracing our land-grant mission.


(June - July)

Focus on a detailed work plans and data requests in conjunction with Texas A&M Health leadership in alignment with the scope of work, and creation of integrated project support teams. Opportunity for the Steering Committee to perform a high-level SWOT analysis and define future imperatives.


(July - August)

Focus on a current state assessment and work with Texas A&M Health leadership and the Steering Committee to define vision and mission initiatives. This will also identify key themes, work groups, outreach approach and logistical planning for the development phase.


(September - November)

Engage working teams to utilize a highly facilitative process to design solutions, develop strategies and finalize the overarching plan. This will yield a robust plan, inclusive strategic recommendations and a financial impact assessment that defines how Texas A&M Health will achieve its vision.


(December +)

Focus on supporting the realization of the strategy, and bringing it to life through implementation activities, dissemination of messaging through bidirectional communication planning, execution of project management and measurement of project progress and metrics.


This strategic planning process is helping us prepare for a future environment that is very different from the past, even the recent past. Key differences in this environment include: resource constraints, disruptions and innovation. While we can’t know the future, we can identify trends likely to shape the future.

Healthcare Delivery & Finance

Do more and spend less in a data-driven and equitable way.

  • Fewer traditional clinical partners with greater resource constraints
  • Potentially new clinical partnerships with new entrants
  • Constraints on clinical income from faculty practice
  • Growing need to address health disparities and social determinants
  • New investments through telemedicine, unique care models, and digital tools

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Professional Education

Create a more inclusive, relevant and affordable environment.

  • Larger class sizes and expanded clinical affiliations
  • Demand for training in new skills and for more individualized programs
  • Curriculum around telehealth, data engineering, health disparities and social determinants
  • Increased diversity of students and faculty
  • Expanded interprofessional education
  • New investments in facilities, educational infrastructure and technology

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Research & Innovation

Proven impact.

  • Diversification of funding through non-NIH federal funders, industry partners and philanthropy
  • New skills to work with these new partners
  • Faculty with multidisciplinary research agendas
  • New structures, processes and incentives to support such research across Texas A&M
  • Thematic focus on high-priority research areas
  • New investments in faculty, clinical/translational research capabilities, and data resources

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Our Team

We appreciate all the work and support from those who are helping make this transformational aspiration a reality.

Meet the Team


VISION360 is designed to be a five-year strategic plan, with a 10-year vision.

VISION360 is designed to identify unique offerings of Texas A&M Health that create the most impact on the communities we serve across the state of Texas through the value of synergy.
Texas A&M Health will structure its full strategic plan to complement the University’s long-range strategic planning vision around transformational education, discovery and innovation, impact and community to train adaptive thinkers who operate in teams, create innovative solutions to tough health care challenges, create access for underserved populations and become a leader in precision medicine.
VISION360 will define strategic priorities that together will realize the aspirations of Texas A&M Health. The methodology will combine the preparation of VISION 360 in alignment with and development of college strategic plans. These will be unified through financial and organizational development plans, along with a balanced scorecard of performance measures.
Texas A&M Health faculty, staff and students, along with University leadership, System leadership, affiliated partners and government officials.
A large portion of our community has already contributed during the project planning and assessment phases, providing material and insights into the state of Texas A&M Health. These insights informed the development of proposed goals that address several trends around academic health care. As we move forward, we are eager to continue engaging the community through retreats, work groups, town halls and on-going communications. We also look to further engage our community through online feedback around future health care trends and proposed goals. Your feedback is important and we encourage you to evaluate and share that feedback with us along the way.
The first wave of implementation is slated to begin in December and on into 2021.

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