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Executive Committee

Emily Wilson, PhD

Associate Vice President, Faculty Development

Emily Wilson

Phone: 979.436.9142

Emily Wilson, PhD, serves as associate vice president of Faculty Development for Texas A&M Health. She is also a professor in the Department of Medical Physiology.

Dr. Wilson's research focuses on understanding how vascular smooth muscle cells sense changes in the mechanical environment and how this leads to changes in gene expression and cellular phenotype. She has utilized experimental strategies that range from promoter analysis in cultured cells to in vivo manipulation of animal models of various vascular diseases. During the course of her studies she, and her team, have developed methods for culturing mouse carotid arteries under precise mechanical environments to study short term remodeling.

Dr. Wilson received a Bachelor of Science from Utah State University; a Master of Science in biochemistry from Utah State University; a Doctor of Philosophy in biochemistry from Emory University, Atlanta and performed postdoctoral studies at Vanderbilt University, Nashville.