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Grant Advisory Committee Program

Grant Advisory Committee Program

What is the goal of the Grant Advisory Committee Program?

The goal of this program is to increase the funding success of research grants submitted to National and State funding agencies. In the initial implementation, the program will be geared mainly towards junior and mid-career tenure track faculty submitting grants to the NIH, specifically for the R01 and R21 funding mechanisms. As the program grows, grants for submission to other National and State agencies will be included, and senior faculty may use the GAC program as well.

What is the Grant Advisory Committee Program?

Grant Advisory Committees support and advise prospective grantees (referred to as applicants) during the grant writing process. Committees typically consist of three experienced investigators with a strong funding record, service on NIH grant review panels (study sections) and some familiarity with the research field of the applicant. Committees operate best when they are structured and adhere to a fairly strict timeline, starting about 3 months before the grant application deadline. The general features are outlined on the Texas A&M Health intranet for faculty.

How do you learn more?

To view the structure and timeline for committees and view a full listing of current advisors, visit the Grant Advisory Committee on the Texas A&M Health intranet.