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About the Gynecological Teaching Associate and Male Urogenital Teaching Associate Program:

There is no medical or educational experience is required to become a GTA or MUTA.  The GTA and MUTA programs will provide all the training.  Our Gynecological Teaching associates (GTA) teach students the breast and pelvic exams using their bodies as teaching tools.  Our Male Urogenital Teaching associates (MUTA) teach students the male urogenital and prostate exams using their own bodies as teaching tools.  These programs provide an opportunity for medical and nursing students to learn these exams in a non-threatening, standardized, nurturing and safe environment.

Why apply?

  • $75/hr compensation
  • "PRN" Job work as needed
  • Opportunity to improve the education of future health care professionals

Required skills

  • Have strong communication skills
  • Ability to memorize material and teach it to students
  • Being comfortable with your body and using it to teach students 

Great for retired individuals, people with flexible schedules and individuals interested in pursuing a health care career in the future.


Teaching Associate Program Information

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If you have any questions, please email Cheryl Ryman at