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South Texas Center - McAllen Campus

The South Texas Center-McAllen campus was established in 2000 and provides comprehensive, accessible health education programs and services to residents of the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas. Since 2004, the McAllen campus has been housed in a 23,000-square-foot facility providing space for laboratories, offices, classrooms and conference areas used to deliver a wide range of health education and training, applied research, continuing education, community interventions and public health programs with local partners.

Currently our Campus houses Healthy South Texas Programs for a four-county area for which we are the point-of-contact. Those Programs include:

Community Outreach Programs

Programs and projects in public health held at the McAllen Campus in south Texas are supported by the collaboration of community-based organizations, city and county offices, school districts, churches and organizations and businesses that share the common goal of improving the health of families living in the Rio Grande Valley. Staff with advanced degrees and/or certifications in health sciences and related fields, faculty, community health and outreach workers, provide education with evidence based curricula designed to create awareness, introduce adoptable lifestyle changes, and implement interventions with successful outcomes.

Additionally, Community Outreach Programs work in tandem with faculty and students from the School of Public Health and the College of Pharmacy to bring awareness and education to the community.

Research Initiatives

Faculty from the School of Public Health have secured funding to implement evidence based programs to enhance nutrition knowledge, physical activity, and understanding and management of chronic illnesses. They address health issues in the border population, particularly the high rate of type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes, those at risk for diabetes, asthma in children, and projects that monitor air quality. Additional environmental health projects related to air quality monitoring in public school buildings and minimization of exposure to household hazardous materials are currently underway.



Olga C. Gabriel, MPH
Phone: 956.668.6300
Direct: 956.668.6303
Fax: 956.668.6301

Rose L Lucio, MPH
Assistant Director
Phone: 956.668.6314
Fax: 956.668.6301

Administrative Staff

Julissa Rivera, MPA
Program Coordinator II
Phone: 956.668.6304

Ann Jimenez
Administrative Associate I
Phone: 956.668.6300

Anai Hernandez, BSB
Administrative Associate III
Phone: 956.668.6332

Healthy South Texas Programs

Diabetes Education Program

Evelia Castillo, MPH, CHWI
Program Coordinator
Phone: 956.668.6325

Andrea Delgado, RDN, LD
Registered Dietician Nutritionist
Phone: 956.668.6325

Lucia Ponce, RDN, LD
Registered Dietician Nutritionist
Phone: 956.668.6308

Minerva Lozano
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 956.668.6300

Areli Bustos, CHW
Outreach Worker III
Phone: 956.668.6330

Maria Cantu
Outreach Worker III
Phone: 956.668.6325

Asthma Program

Genny Carrillo, MD, ScD, MSPH, MPH
Associate Professor, Environmental & Occupational Health
Texas A&M School of Public Health
Phone: 956.668.6321 (McAllen) | 979.436.0963 (College Station)
Fax: 956.668.6301 | Genny Carillo's Bio

Lucia Conner, MPH, CHWI
Program Coordinator
Phone: 956.668.6329

Sulema Alfaro, CHW
Outreach Worker III
Phone: 956.668.6324

Denisse Quintanilla
Outreach Worker III
Phone: 956.668.6323

Medication Assistance Program (MAP)

Leonel Treviño
Program Assistant
Phone: 956.668.6338

Alfredo Saldivar
Program Assistant
Phone: 956.668.6313