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COVID-19 Testing Information

COVID-19 Testing Information

Free tests funded through The Texas A&M System are provided by Curative, Inc. These tests are being provided at no charge to Texas A&M students, faculty and staff, but we have asked Curative to collect insurance reimbursement when possible in order to reduce the cost to The Texas A&M System.

The Curative tests are PCR tests (to determine an active COVID-19 infection) and are collected via mouth swab. Dependents and family members of students and employees do not qualify for the free tests by Curative. 

Texas A&M-funded tests are available at locations throughout the state. View the testing locations page to find a site near you. For more information about tests provided at Student Health Services/A.P. Beutel Health Center in College Station, visit their website.

Those who have insurance are encouraged to use their primary care physician to access COVID-19 tests so that their test can be paid for by insurance.

Free COVID-19 tests are available for those who do not qualify for the Texas A&M System testing (i.e. family of Texas A&M System employees and students) at kiosks located on the College Station campus. Three locations offer COVID-19 testing at convenient walk-up windows. See details on Texas A&M Today.

Rapid, 30-minute tests (which are covered by most major health insurers) are provided at Texas A&M Health Family Care in Bryan. Call 979.776.8440 to schedule an appointment. 


If you are currently experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 and believe you may have been in contact with someone who has COVID-19, it is recommended that you contact your primary care provider to find out if you should get tested. If you believe you have been recently exposed to COVID-19, it is generally recommended that you wait at least five to seven days after exposure to get tested. The incubation period for COVID-19 can be between five to 14 days. Waiting until at least day three after exposure could help increase the reliability of the test. While awaiting your testing date/time, please follow the CDC guidelines regarding what to do if you are sick/think you may be sick:
You can get tested for COVID-19 more than once, if needed.

Texas A&M-funded testing events are held at various times and locations throughout the state. Visit for the most current information. 

Rapid testing provided at Texas A&M Health Family Care is available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For Texas A&M funded testing, first register online to get a testing time window. You will then receive a link for a video teaching the collection process. Then, check in at the testing site during your testing window. At the testing site, you will then be issued into the testing area for the mouth swab. The entire testing collection process typically takes less than five minutes.

Yes. The Curative tests are being provided at no charge to you, but we have asked Curative to collect insurance reimbursement when possible in order to reduce the cost to The Texas A&M System, who is providing the tests.

For Texas A&M funded testing, results take 36-48 hours during the week. There may be a delay on tests done late in the day on Fridays. Results are sent by Curative, Inc. to the email you provided during registration.

Rapid tests done at Texas A&M Health Family Care return results within 30 minutes.

Make an appointment with your primary medical provider if you would like to further discuss your specific condition.

Seek emergency medical care immediately if you show any of these signs: trouble breathing, persistent pain or pressure in the chest, new confusion, inability to wake or stay awake, bluish lips or face.

For now, stay in isolation in your residence and away from other people. Follow the CDC guidance for home isolation. Representatives from the Department of State Health Services will call soon after your positive results are confirmed. Their number may indicate “unknown” on your phone, but go ahead and answer it. They will give you more information about isolation duration and also ask about your close contacts. Gather the following information to have ready when they call: how you may have been exposed, recent attendance at events (gyms, bars, salons, events such as houses of worship, sporting events, classes), household members, and close contacts (less than 6 feet for at least 15 minutes).

If you tested negative but had a confirmed close contact (less than 6 feet for greater than 15 minutes) with an individual who has an active case of COVID-19, it is recommended you quarantine and stay home for 14 days since last contact. If you are experiencing symptoms, continue to follow your medical provider’s guidance and call them if your condition worsens.

If you have a positive close contact or you have symptoms, please follow quarantine instructions from the CDC. Find these instructions here:

For general health questions, and questions regarding potential or confirmed COVID-19 infection, contact your primary health care provider. 

For questions about Texas A&M-funded COVID-19 tests, contact your human resources liaison.

For questions about rapid testing provided through Texas A&M Health Family Care, call 979.776.8440.