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Angela Clendenin

Angela G. Clendenin,PhD

Instructional Assistant Professor


School of Public Health


Infectious Disease, Population Health
Epidemic, COVID-19, Coronavirus, Preparedness, Public health
Angela G. Clendenin

About Angela G. Clendenin

Angela Clendenin, PhD, MA, is an instructional assistant professor in the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the Texas A&M University School of Public Health. Her research interests are risk communications, decision analysis, emergency management/emergency communications, cultural/social influences on communication/decision making, and communications measurement and assessment.

Dr. Clendenin can discuss preparedness and response to COVID-19, including lessons learned and messaging approaches. She serves as the project manager for the Brazos Valley COVID Investigation Operations Center. The Operations Center was created to help inform Texas A&M leadership in making timely decisions on COVID-19. The center also enables contact tracers to provide contacts with needed resources and support in the Brazos Valley.

Dr. Clendenin leads EpiAssist, a unique learning program that provides Aggie students opportunities to gain applied public health experience by assisting with state outbreak investigations, disasters and emergencies, community health assessments and other projects.

Dr. Clendenin also serves as the PIO for the Texas A&M Veterinary Emergency Team (VET) and has deployed with the team in response to a fertilizer plant explosion, river flooding and most recently Hurricane Harvey.

Dr. Clendenin received her Bachelor of Arts in journalism from Texas A&M University, her Master of Administration in strategic communication and leadership from Seton Hall University, and her PhD in agricultural leadership, education, and communications from Texas A&M University.