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Gabriel Neal

Gabriel Neal,MD, MA Bioethics, FAAFP

Department Head, Primary Care and Rural Medicine

Clinical Professor

Chief Clinical Officer, Texas A&M School of Medicine

Family Medicine Clerkship Director, Texas A&M Integrated Medicine Program

Faculty, Texas A&M Family Medicine Residency


School of Medicine


medical education, primary care, access to care, chronic disease, pediatrics, opioids, women's health, cancer, health ethics, preventable diseases, family medicine, diabetes, prenatal care, medical malpractice, hypertension, obstetrics

About Gabriel Neal

Gabriel Neal, MD is a Clinical Associate Professor and Acting Department Head, Department of Primary Care & Rural Medicine at Texas A&M School of Medicine. He is received his MD from the University of Oklahoma in 2001 and is board-certified in family medicine. Dr. Neal first joined the Texas A&M Department of Family and Community Medicine in 2008 as a Clinical Assistant Professor and joined the faculty in the Texas A&M Family Medicine Residency in 2016. He has taught in numerous pre-clinical and clinical courses for the School of Medicine. He is the Executive Clerkship Director for Family Medicine and was the Clinic Director of the Texas A&M Family Care Clinic before becoming the Chief Clinical Officer of the School of Medicine. He serves as vice-chair of the Department of Family Medicine for the St. Joseph Hospitals in Bryan and College Station, TX.

Dr. Neal's teaching illuminates applied evidence-based medical care and ethics. He was awarded Clinical Faculty Preceptor of the Year in 2011 and Outstanding Faculty in Family Medicine in 2019. He writes, lectures and interviews for lay audiences regarding popular medical topics. He has authored several chapters in Swanson's Family Medicine Review and his work has been published in peer reviewed journals such as Medical Education, Family Medicine, and The Journal of Family Practice.