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Israel Liberzon

Israel Liberzon,MD

Department Head

Distinguished University Professor

William and Dorothy Stearman Endowed Professor


School of Medicine

Texas A&M Institute of Biosciences and Technology


mental health, rural medicine, innovation, military health, PTSD, psychiatry, anxiety, depression, telehealth, veteran health
Israel Liberzon

About Israel Liberzon

Israel Liberzon, MD, is the department head of Texas A&M School of Medicine's Department of Psychiatry. Dr. Liberzon leads the clinical psychiatry component as part of Texas A&M Health Science Center's new Interprofessional Faculty Practice Plan.

A clinician and researcher, Liberzon has a wealth of experience in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), comorbidity of depression and anxiety, neurobiology of trauma and stress related disorders, and neuroanatomy and neuroimaging of emotions. Since the 1980s, Liberzon has served in multiple roles at the University of Michigan and Veterans Administration Ann Arbor Medical Center, where he founded a PTSD and neuroimaging research program.

An initial focus of the Department of Psychiatry is telehealth-which is an immediate avenue to bring mental health care to rural patients. With 185 of the state's 254 counties lacking a psychiatrist, and a large portion of rural Texas being comprised of military members and their families, Texas is in dire need of psychiatric care.

Dr. Liberzon's research examines regions of the brain that are involved with PTSD, working on neurocircuitry and molecular abnormalities in signaling pathways.