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Tamika Gilreath

Tamika Gilreath,PhD

Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs


School of Public Health


health disparities, health behavior, adolescent behavioral health, substance use, epidemiology, latent variable modeling, behavioral health risk comorbidities
Tamika Gilreath

About Tamika Gilreath

Tamika D. Gilreath, PhD, is a professor in the Department of Health Behavior at the Texas A&M University School of Public Health. She also serves as the school’s associate dean of faculty affairs.

Dr. Gilreath has a strong record of accomplishment and significant expertise in tobacco use epidemiology, substance use among adolescents and adults, latent class analysis, emotional and behavioral problems among adolescents (violence, depression and suicidality), sexual risk behaviors, and vulnerable populations including racial, ethnic, and sexual minorities globally. Specifically, she is systematically examining differences in behavioral health outcomes for military-connected youth compared to their civilian counterparts.

Dr. Gilreath’s work in tobacco-related health disparities has elucidated risk and protective factors for tobacco use among racial/ethnic minority adolescents, how tobacco use is associated with mental health, and contributed to increasing our understanding of how alternative tobacco products are emerging as primary vehicles for nicotine consumption among youth globally.

She has co-authored over 85 manuscripts and collaborated on over 150 presentations at national and international conferences regarding correlates of adolescent substance use, depressive symptoms, suicidality, and sexual risk.

Dr. Gilreath earned her Bachelor of Science in interdisciplinary science from Virginia Commonwealth University, her Master of Science in general psychology from Virginia State University, and her PhD in biobehavioral health from The Pennsylvania State University.