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IPER Organization Chart (Text Version)

The Office of Interprofessional Practice, Education, & Research (IPER) is housed in the administrative offices of Texas A&M Health. 

IPER Organization Chart - PDF Version

Reporting Lines

  • Texas A&M Health Leadership: Indra Reddy, Interim COO & Senior Vice President, and Olga Rodriguez, Chief of Staff & Associate Vice President
  • IPER Assistant Vice President: Chris Kaunas
    • Kaunas oversees the Office of Interprofessional Practice, Education, & Research and reports to Texas A&M Health Leadership.  Those reporting directly to Kaunas include:
      • Faculty & Preceptor Engagement
        • Director:  TBA
        • Program Manager: TBA
      • Foundational Interprofessional Curriculum
        • Director: TBA
        • Program Manager: Demetria Yanez
      • Learning in Practice
        • Director:  TBA
        • Program Manager: TBA
      • Health Priority Integration
        • Director: TBA
      • Other IPER Support Staff
        • Assistant Director for Assessment & Evaluation:  Jennifer Reyes
        • Community-Based Participatory Researcher: TBA
        • Instructional Designer: Aamer Kahn
        • Administrative Coordinator: Susie Billings
        • Student Website Technician: Govardhan Sanapala

Collaboration Lines

  • The IPER Assistant Vice President chairs the HSC IPE Leadership Team and collaborates with Texas A&M Health deans.
  • HSC IPE Leadership Team consists of IPER staff and the following individuals:
    • School of Dentistry
      • Lara Coseo
      • Shirley Lewis
      • Lisa Mallonee
    • School of Medicine
      • Carolyn Cannon
      • Hector Chapa
      • Cali Harper
      • Jim Lucas
      • Robert Milman
      • Halil Sari
    • School of Nursing
      • Sharon Dormire
      • Matthew Sorenson
    • School of Pharmacy
      • Asim Abu-Baker
      • Simi Gunaseelan
      • Sara Rogers
      • Rene Verduzco
    • School of Public Health
      • Jennifer Griffith
    • EDHP
      • Van Wilson
    • EnMed
      • Rebecca Lee
    •  CLRC
      • Cortney Graves
      • Bruce Williams