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Task Force Self-Testimonials


The Texas A&M Health (formerly Health Science Center) Opioid Task Force continues to impact BOTH TAMU and communities in Texas by training individuals on Opioid Overdose Education & Naloxone Administration (OENA) in order to save a life. Below, you will find several testimonials from those who were able to save a life.
"This afternoon, my ex called me panicked asking me, “Do you have your Narcan in your car? I think J is overdosing.” After replying yes, I was informed that I was needed and I arrived at the hotel shortly after. I was able to administer Narcan safely and the EMT said that the Naloxone was working and that they had him on a drip. The officers made it very clear to me that they would not have gotten there in time, and they thanked me for knowing how to be so cooperative. I’m so grateful my friend is okay, and I just needed you guys to know that the instruction I got from the San Jac Mental Health Department helped me save my friends life today.”

OENA Participant from the San Jac Mental Health Department