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Reporting an Accident, Incident or Potential Hazard

An incident is an unplanned occurrence that resulted or could have resulted in injury to people, damage to property, or damage to the environment. When an incident is reported promptly, injured persons receive timely medical care, and unsafe conditions are quickly corrected.

Important: All accidents and incidents (regardless of severity) that result in either personal injury or illness, and/or damage to Health Science Center property, must be reported to a supervisor or another responsible person. This should be followed with a complete incident report form to Health Science Center Risk Management and Environmental Health and Safety offices within 24 hours.

Health Science Center employees, students, authorized visitors and camp staff may submit a report through the Health Science Center intranet:

Submit a Report

Reporting Hazardous Conditions

If you feel a potential hazard or unsafe condition constitutes imminent danger, contact 911 or Health Science Center emergency response personnel:

John Fellers, MS, CFPS
Director of Environmental Health and Safety

Matt Walton
Director of Risk Management and Compliance