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August 2019: A message from Interim Senior Vice President Greg Hartman

Dear faculty, staff and students,

Today is my first official day with the Health Science Center, and I must say it’s an incredible honor to be a part of this great organization.  

I have a lot to learn, and I’m looking forward to getting out and meeting you and hearing your stories, your concerns and your ideas. You probably also want to know how I approach this job. So, with the caveat that I have a lot to learn – I’m sure my approach will evolve as I hear from of you – let me articulate a few early thoughts.

It is the strengths of our colleges that make us successful. That means each college needs to be trusted and supported to excel. We have great deans, faculty, staff and students. The questions I’m going to be asking are what does success look like at each college, and how can the Health Science Center infrastructure support that vision? Can we find more resources, develop better partnerships, and better manage our operations so that each dean and their staff and students exceed expectations? It also means we have to be comfortable holding each other accountable every day.

We need to continue developing both new clinical partnerships and strengthening long-time affiliations. That will include both traditional partners as well as new allies and innovators who share our vision of academic excellence, groundbreaking research and passionate service on behalf of the people of Texas. I hope we can create new expectations in our partners that each of the colleges embraces an ambitious responsibility to be health care innovators. We achieve that only with partners with whom we can align our visions and share a commitment to excellence.

To accomplish this the Health Science Center needs a streamlined organizational structure designed to drive cultural change and celebrate innovation and creativity. The only way to have that sort of organization is if we respect and trust each other. Trust and respect are nurtured and grown with transparency, communication, clear goals and accountability. You need to hold me accountable to be a good communicator and earn your trust.

I count my blessings to work for a great institution like Texas A&M. To be involved in health care, which impacts people’s lives in such a profound way. And to work side by side with smart, creative, compassionate and caring people. Sure, sometimes the bureaucracy can be maddening. Financial pressures can be exhausting. But, remember that we have each been given an opportunity to serve an organization that has the potential to transform health care and make people’s lives better. That is a gift.

So, let’s have some fun and accomplish great things! 


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