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June 7, 2021: Howdy!

Texas A&M Health faculty, staff and students, 

As I join the Texas A&M Health Science Center, I could not be more excited to be joining this great organization and team!

Watching from my role at The Texas A&M University System and as a former student of the Health Science Center, I’ve seen tremendous growth, commitment and focus over the past few years. That’s because of the compassion, care and work being done by each and every one of you. There is so much potential here. You all have proved that.

It is our collective makeup from which we derive strength. We are far more than the sum of our parts—from our Health Science Center components to our university and system collaborations. And, the recently launched strategic plan, VISION360, is a living, breathing example of that ideal, thanks in part to all the work many of you put into it. 

By recognizing our origins and committing that shared excellence and expertise to the future of health care, this organization has the potential to not only lead but to forge an unprecedented path for health care delivery, education and research.

Relationships, partnerships and collaborations will be vital to our success. We are a part of one of the largest systems of higher education and a world-renowned university with visionary leadership from Chancellor Sharp and President Banks. This robust infrastructure is made up of stellar programs and offerings that afford us incredible opportunity to advance the future of health care across engineering, agriculture, life sciences and so much more. We’ll continue to forge those relationships and build upon our successes.

I want to thank Greg Hartman for his leadership and stewardship during his time here. The momentum that has been achieved during his time gives us significant tools and resources to keep advancing our mission and vision of improving human health and quality of life.

I look forward to getting out and meeting with you all soon. Your candid feedback and discussion will offer us an opportunity to get to know each other, gain a better understanding for my approach to this role and work together to continue advancing this great organization.

Thank you for all that you do. Let’s embrace this next chapter together, continue to be ambitious in our endeavors, nimble in our approach and dedicated to serving our communities the way only Aggies can.