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Statewide Reach

air pollution the release of dirty waste into the environment

Global policy changes can have local environmental impact

Public health researchers study effects of China’s ban on importing plastic wastes on the environmental health in a U.S. community

microscopic image of COVID-19 pathogen

Texas A&M researchers working with state to model impact of COVID-19

A team from the School of Public Health is using state data to refine its modeling efforts.

Unidentifiable passengers stuck in a car during heavy rains and flash flood - insurance claim concept

Focusing on the human impacts of flash floods

Personally impacted by rushing flood waters, Garett Sansom to develop the first flash flood casualty database in hopes of developing better safety interventions

3 ways love impacts the brain and body

Whether in a long marriage or a new relationship, we explore how love affects the brain and body

4 parts of the body impacted by high blood pressure

One in three adults has hypertension, which—when left uncontrolled—can cause serious health issues

Faculty and staff recognized for positive impact on student veterans

Members of the College of Medicine and College of Nursing honored for their positive role with students who served our nation