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Get Involved with the Student Advisory Council


Get Involved

Each Texas A&M Health component may determine its own method of electing delegates.

Each new year, one first year student shall be elected from each component. The other delegates will be the students who were previously elected in their first year. Selection methods may include but are not limited to:

  1. Direct election by students of a Texas A&M Health component
  2. Appointment by students and/or administrators of a Texas A&M Health component following an application process
  3. Selection from student leaders of established professional,or service organizations
  4. Recruitment of students by the Executive Committee of Texas A&M Health Student Advisory Council

*If you are interested please get in contact with your Dean of Student Affairs.


Texas A&M Health SAC Delegation Breakdown 

Component Delegates
Medicine* 6 total; 1 M1, 1 M2, 1 M3, 1M4, 2 PhD
Dentistry* 6 total; 1 D1, 1 D2, 1 D3, 1 D4, 2 PhD
Pharmacy 6 total; 1 P1, 1 P2, 1 P3, 1 P4, 2 PhD
Public Health 6 total; 2 MPH, 1 MHA, 1 PhD, 1 DrPH, 1 BSPH
Nursing 6 total; 1 Traditional BSN, 1 Second Degree BSN, 1 RN to BSN, 1 MSN Education, 1 MSN Family NP, 1 MSN Forensic
Total 30
President -1
Total Voting Delegates 29